3 Ideas That Optimize Closet Space

  If you’re ready to make that black hole you call a closet more efficient, these DIY  closet systems will inspire.
   1. A Well-Organized Utility
   Many of us stash brooms, batteries, and tools separately. Not Missy of Lookie What I Did. She converted a coat closet that was a      
  catchall for useless stuff into a central location for home maintenance items.

  Optimizing Space

  She went vertical by adding a rolling drawer unit, a pegboard, and storage baskets. She also kept sweepers and  

  mops off the floor using adhesive wall hooks.

  To make it a cinch to find stuff, every item in the closet has its place:

  •   Heavily used items hang on the pegboard.
  •   Cleaning products live together in a basket.
  •   Hardware, adhesives, and batteries are stowed and labeled in the rolling drawer unit.
  •   Bulky, less-frequently needed items are kept in labeled baskets on the shelf.

 Tip: When deciding what to store in your closets, ask yourself what has more value, a particular item or the space    you will gain.
  2. A Masterful Walk-In
  This closet will appeal to your inner Carrie Bradshaw. Sandra, aka Sawdust Girl, ripped out her old walk-in and      created her dream closet over four months.
 Optimizing Space

  Sure this closet is huge, but it’s the special features that make it efficient:

  •   Convenience: Connects to the bedroom, bathroom, and laundry room.
  •   Quality: Oversized, self-closing drawers quietly glide shut.
  •   Lighting: Colors render beautifully with daylight CFL bulbs.
  •   Power: Extra outlets, extra flexibility.
  •   Add-ons: A built-in ironing board, rolling ladder, and nine-by-six-foot shoe cabinet came later.

 3. An Un-Muddled Mud Closet
  Jaime the DIY mama behind the blog That's My Letter came up with a cheery entryway mud room-style cubbie and
   bench system for a friend.

  Optimizing Space

 Originally, the closet had piles of stuff on the shelf and floor. To eliminate clutter,
 she evaluated what to keep and came up with a plan to make those items more

  •   12 solid-wood shoe cubbies wrangle Dad’s shoes, which had been spilling out of a hanging organizer.
  •   The bench performs triple duty: It provides a place to sit, room for handbags and knapsacks, and a spot for more    shoes.
  •   Baskets on top of the cubbies stow gloves, hats, and scarves.

  Tip: When it comes to keeping closet clutter at bay, out of sight means out of mind. So opt for a closet system that     allows you to see everything that’s stored.