5 Affordable DIY Flooring Ideas
  Think you can’t afford to makeover that seriously ugly floor? These budget-friendly ideas will change your mind.

  It’s easy to overlook what’s underfoot, until, well, you can’t any more. Because it’s a @#)*%($          eyesore!
  From paint to plywood, we’ll show you how to DIY a floor you’ll love.

  1. How to Transform a Decrepit Wood Floor


  There’s nothing like refinished hardwood. But hiring a pro to restore a severely damaged one costs an arm and leg   (and maybe even a kidney). So, what can you do? Follow Lara Edge’s lead.

  Her wood floors were riddled with holes and in such bad shape that she was told refinishing them would cost        thousands. That wasn’t in her budget, so she decided to put on her tool belt.

  After sanding her floors, she patched the holes with putty. Once the putty was dry, it was sanded. She repeated    the patching, drying, and sanding process until the floors were level.

  Afterward, she painted the floors a vibrant terra-cotta shade. Paint is a lot cheaper than refinishing, and it’s great   for concealing flaws. Plus, the pop of color adds a wow factor to her home.

 2. How to Ditch Your Carpet for Cork


If you’re thinking of ditching your carpet but still want something soft underfoot, you may flip for cork flooring    just like Sabrina from Sabrina’s Organizing.

  She installed interlocking cork tiles in her daughter’s room, and she says it was a cinch to do.

  Even better, cork flooring softens thuds and footsteps, which is a big plus for Sabrina. Her daughter is a dancer,    and she makes a terrible racket when she practices.

  But Sabrina had to take one additional step to soften the blows from her daughter’s prancing feet. She shares all    the details here.

  3. How to Make Flooring Underlayment Look Like Hardwood

 Have you ever had a floor so ugly you wanted to chop it to pieces? Well, that's what Tracy from         General      Splendour did to her foyer's white ceramic tile floor. It was impossible to keep clean, and    it was working her last   nerve.


  After she tore it out with a hammer and chisel, she was left with the underlayment. While she wanted to install    hardwood flooring, it was out of her price range. So she faked it using a sharpie and paint.

  4. How to Makeover a Floor Using Pennies


   We were floored when we discovered that 11-inch-by-11-inch sheets of real penny tile, which includes 224 coins,    can fetch more tha $50 each.

  But Amy from Pretty Purple Door saved a chunk of change by creating the tile sheets herself. Even better, she  created a penny floor template that helped take the tedium out of the tile-spacing process.

  5. How to Create a Hardwood Floor on the Cheap


Last year, Lori and her hubby tried a little experiment. They used 1/4-inch plywood to create a hardwood floor in    their bedroom.

  One year later they couldn’t be happier with the results. So they decided to redo all the floors in their home using  1/2-inch plywood.

  Why did they double the thickness? They didn’t say, but we think it’s a better way to go. It will give you more to  work with if the floor ever needs sanding.

  The couple also wanted their new floor to have that farmhouse look.  So they had their local Home Depot cut the  plywood sheets into 12-inch planks.